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Client Testimonials
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Certified Inspector # 200557

Certified Property Inspector # RPI-0320




Certified Level 1 Thermographer

Member #18273


Building & Environmental Inspection, Testing, Diagnosis, Repair, & Problem Prevention Advice: In-depth research & advice on diagnosing, testing, correcting, & preventing building defects & indoor environmental hazards. Unbiased information, no conflicts of interest.







A State Licensed, Certified, Independent

Tampa Bay Inspection Firm Since 1992

We Video Tape Every inspection.....

At Suncoast Inspections we provide a wide array of certified residential home inspections and commercial building inspection services throughout Tampa Bay area and state of Florida.  The column to the left and the red bar across the top can assist you in navigating this website. The internet is quickly becoming the new yellow pages so be careful whom you hire, we are not all created equal.  Its buyer beware.

It is our belief that certified inspectors must be totally independent of real estate agents, contractors, builders, mold remediators, Banking Institutes and mortgage brokers.  In this way our clients can be assured that there is no conflict of interest on our part. If a certified inspector develops a business relationship by direct marketing of realtors or agent steering, how can the buyer be sure the inspector they choose from an agents referral list is working for you and not for his next inspection from the agent? Chris Miller has taken heat and been black listed by most realtors for this stance but we feel the public is better served. Take your time and compare certified inspectors and their companies. Suncoast Inspections was the first and is the longest active member of the Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA) in the Tampa Bay - Florida area.  Many claim to be independent but if they are not IHINA they are not independent, they must be a member of IHINA.  To learn more click on "What is an Independent Inspector" in the left column.

Suncoast has been serving the Tampa Bay area and various parts of the state of Florida since 1992. Suncoast founder, Chris Miller, has conducted over 9,000 video taped inspections, from yesterday's treasures to today's state of the art estate luxury homes and high-rise commercial buildings. Would you hire an inspector with limited or no accreditations? Licensed by The Great State of Florida for building and mold inspections, Certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) and Chris was first to become a Certified Level 1 Thermographer, many inspectors have infrared cameras but are not certified by FLIR and therefore unable to testify in court of their findings. Chris was first to become a Certified Mold Inspector/Technician and is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), the International Code Council (ICC) and is a Florida State Certified Stormwater Management Inspector. Chris Miller has taught Expert Witness Seminars at Stetson Law College and is the driving force behind Suncoast bringing over 25 years of residential home and commercial building construction experience to his work. Chris had designed and built new custom homes in the Tampa Bay area and worked on several new commercial multistory story structures and large condominium projects.  He has spent years increasing his knowledge base and honing his management skills bringing an unequaled builder's expertise to each and every certified Tampa Bay residential and commercial building inspection. 

If you choose us, your real estate agent may try to talk you into using someone else, THEY PREFER.  Click on the button to the left with the blue text to order and inspection or keep reading!  The top left column has all  the services Suncoast Inspections provides along with consumer information and customer testimonials in the left column or check out our reviews on Angie's List. 


The primary reason is to document the current condition of the dwelling at the time of inspection and document what we inspected and found.  The tape is archived for over five years and is there for our clients should they ever need it, say for litigation or insurance purposes.  Suncoast Inspections was the first inspection company in the country to video tape inspections.  As always there are those who try to copy good ideas, so don't be fooled, hire the original. (video is an additional cost)

Suncoast was the first Tampa Bay area certified inspection company to offer digital video taping service on every home and commercial inspection with cost estimates of the repairs. Whether you are across town, out of the state, or out of the country, Suncoast  provides you with a video taped inspection of your home or commercial building. If you cannot attend your inspection, let Suncoast  bring your inspection to you via video tape.


Suncoast Inspections is the only certified home inspection and commercial inspection firm in the Tampa Bay area or in the entire USA that has invested so heavily in a vehicle to serve their clients.  Suncoast Inspections offers 21st century technology such as, digital video inspections, on-line ordering, a mobile office that copies, prints and delivers immediate on-site laser jet inspection reports with full color photos, repair cost estimates, life expectancies of major components and systems, resulting in an efficient service that saves time, money, and eliminates client anxiety. How did your last inspector show up? In an unmarked Jeep or pick-up?

With Suncoast Inspections you get an Independent Tampa Home Inspector and a Commercial Building Inspector with extensive residential and commercial new construction consulting experience, with knowledge in mold, moisture intrusion, construction defects, building forensic science and Thermography (infrared camera).





BIO - Chris Miller - Inspector

Independent Tampa Home Inspector & Commercial Building Inspector

Licensed by the State of Florida, Lic. #HI - 1556, Home Inspector and

Mold inspector, Lic. # MRSA -943

Certified by:

ASHI - The American Society of Home Inspectors

FABI - The Florida Association of Building Inspectors

A Certified Level 1 Thermographer

A Certified DEP Stormwater Management Inspector

A Certified Tampa Mold Inspector & Technician

A Member of:

IHINA - The Independent Home Inspectors of North America

IAQA - The Indoor Air Quality Association

ICC - International Code Council

Has Taught Expert Witness Seminars at Stetson Law College and has testified in several court cases. 

Chris Miller has owned and operated Suncoast Inspections since 1992 and has performed over 9000 home inspections and commercial building inspections throughout Tampa Bay and the state of Florida.  Chris has 25 prior years of on-site residential and commercial construction experience.  Go to "Tips For Finding Certified Inspector" to increase your knowledge on how to select a certified home or commercial inspector. 

So have you found the Best Certified Tampa Home Inspector? Yes you have, give us the opportunity to prove it. Just click To Order an Inspection Online.

Our primary service areas are: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, Hernando counties, we do travel throughout the entire state of Florida.

(a copy of the video is an additional cost)



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