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As an owners representative, Suncoast Inspections.com (SI.com) has provided our luxury home clients services which gives them a comfort level that they are in good hands, watching out for their best interests; no short cuts.  Starting with forensic investigations, SI.com determines the cause of the dwelling’s problem, develops specifications and scope of work. We then select the appropriate contractor(s) to perform the corrections. This service gives our clients piece of mind and guaranties they are getting what they have paid for. Below is an example of a project SI.com completed. 


On this project, we performed the initial home inspection which uncovered several leaks at the windows in radius walls.  The client hired SI.com to develop a scope of work and assist in the acquisition of a contractor and subcontractors to make corrections.

The rear radius windows were improperly installed.  When the walls were opened, we found visible mold/fungi growth on the back side of the drywall and on pressure treated lumber and masonry block.

The stucco and windows were pulled, we found thick layers of caulking used as primary moisture barriers and no metal flashings. 

The windows were salvaged, reinstalled, copper flashings installed above all the windows and a copper drip installed at the radius to prevent water from sheeting down the top of the windows. It’s always a challenge to install square windows in a radius wall.


The front tower windows were leaking, the stucco was removed and we found house wrap used as primary waterproofing around the radius window.  No provisions were made to accommodate this unusual installation.


The windows were reframed and re-sealed with a combination of liquid waterproofing membrane and window tape: waterproofing is all about layers.

A 2nd layer of tape was applied over the liquid membrane (materials must be compatible) tops of the windows were copper flashed and a third layer of paper then wire lath was installed.  Stucco bands were installed over the cold joints and topped with precast bands.

The final product: you can’t tell we were ever there. 


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