Client Testimonials

I was always told you, pay for what you get. Well this is exactly what it is, the best service around. If you want thorough and meticulous work make sure to call Chris Miller at Suncoast inspection. You will not be disappointed.

Dustin Rodgers – Riverview, Florida  08-08-17

Chris is awesome. He was very thorough, very accurate and his reports helped me get the home i was looking at repaired before I bought it. He was recommended to me thru a friend and I have and will recommend him to everyone I know.

Daniel Casticone – Tampa, Florida  07-13-17

Chris, Been meaning to send you a thank you for quite some time. You inspected a house I was looking into for my family and it was a disaster. Walls falling down, overgrown trees into the foundation, bad electrical and worst of all – rodents everywhere. I still shudder to think of the money pit I could have been stuck in. So – a huge thank you. We ended up buying a house that we originally lost a bid to and while it did need some work it was nothing close to the house I looked at with you. I only wish you weren’t booked during the inspection of the house we bought. There should be two of you!

David Blacker – Tampa, Florida – 01-08-16

Thank you this is a very well done report and I appreciate your expertise.

Oscar Debardeleben – Tampa, Florida – 04-09-15

Thanks for the report. Lots of things to do – and we appreciate your first rate report.

Bill Kalish – Tampa, Florida – 04-06-15

Chris, Thank you so much for a thorough job!

Adina Jones – Largo, Florida – 03-27-15

Thank you so much, the report is excellent!  I will definitely pass along your contact information to anyone I know is buying a home in the area. 

Matt Lepinski – Tampa Bay, Florida – 03-10-15

Thank you very much for your quick and very useful work. I appreciate your help with this matter. 

Christian Stolfe – Tampa Bay, Florida – 02-09-15

Hello Chris, Thank you for your professionalism and accuracy. 

Michelle Mueller – South Tampa, Florida – 01-21-15

Hi Chris, Thank you for making it to the meeting this evening.  I am relying on you to guild me to do this endeavor correctly – no short cuts – and give me a house to call home for the rest of my life…and for my parents. I am so glad someone like you will be there to look after my best interest and not “sell up” something for me.  With great appreciation. 

Ed Francisco – South Tampa, Florida – 12-04-14

Looks great Chris.  Thank you. Will let you know what happens.

Ed Marchiselli – CEO – – Bradenton, Florida – 10-06-14

This is very thorough and complete. I thank you for all of your work on this and will keep you in mind for future work. 

Kimberly Platt – Does tacos Food Truck – Dunedin Florida – 08-29-14

Thanks Chris. Things look great. We appreciate your excellent work.

Bill & Karen Sanders – CEO K-Force – Tampa Florida – 08-27-14

We received The inspection and would like to thank you for doing a wonderful job inspecting the house.  Thank you so much.

Joe Carroll -Tampa Bay Florida – 08-25-14

Chris, I received your report and would like to thank you for your thorough and professional service. Again thank you for your efforts. Be assured I will use your services if ever needed in the future and give you my highest recommendation to anyone seeking your type of service. 

Nick Burrell – Tampa, Florida – 07-17-14

Thanks a million for your very thorough inspection.  The report is great. I am glad we ventured into the crawl space… you saved me a ton of headaches not to mention a pile of cash! I will be calling on the next house very soon. If I do I will fly down and back the same day.  I will keep you posted and I will guarantee you it will not have a crawl space!

Ken Baron – Tampa Bay, Florida – 07-14-14

We negotiated a credit for the roof. I got him to take $8500 off the purchase price which brought the price down.  I wanted to thank you very much for your expertise.  You really helped me and my young family out and I hope that brings you a lot of satisfaction. Hope to be able to use your services in the years to come. Will pass on recommendations. Best wishes and God Bless!

Paul Martin – Martin Ceramic Arts – Tampa, Florida – 03-29-14

Chris,    I want to thank you for your detailed work. I wish I had hired you when I bought my condo a few years ago.  I will make sure to recommend you when I know someone buying a house. Thanks Again, and have a great Labor Day.

Tony Bosse – Tampa Bay Florida – 11-02-13

If you get a chance, drop some business cards off for me.  I get asked all the time for a reputable home inspection company and I have been leery to recommend anyone.  I was impressed with your knowledge and passion for providing a quality job for your clients.  Every other home inspector that I have worked with has always given their clients a predetermined checklist that was very apparent that it had been just pencil whipped to justify their fees.  Your inspection was in-depth and looked at things from a much different perspective.  It was very easy to tell you had the best interest of your client in mind. 

Gregory Oswald – Construction Manager – Standard Pacific Homes – Tampa, Florida  10-17-13

Very Happy to have found a nice home for the family, and very appreciative of your efforts. While we certainly didn’t contemplate going through inspections with three different houses, it was a tremendous learning experience. I am so thankful that we found you! Thanks again for all your help. I’ll be sure to write something on Angie’s List .

Michelle Robinson – Clearwater, Florida – 08-14-13

Thank You Chris, Again an excellent job on both reports. This place looks like a much more costly nightmare than “Nephi Pl” apartments.

Jon A. Galane – CISP – St. Petersburg, Florida – 07-14-13

First, thank you so much for your recent thorough inspection of this property. The vendor was totally unaware of many of the issues you highlighted. Especially the roof clips even though 3 recent inspections had taken place.  The roofing contractor thought since he re-nailed all the plywood the clips would not be necessary. After checking with the city building department however, they were informed that they do indeed need to add the clips. This has allowed us to renegotiate the price offered.  I have already added a review to Zillow for your company, which should be published shortly.  If you would like any more reviews/testimonials please let me know, and i will be more than happy to provide them.

Ken Jackson – Dunedin, Florida – 05-21-13

The inspector I spoke to was very upfront and honest. He educated me and did not just try to take my money. Excellent service! I highly recommend this company.

George Topalidis – Tarpon Springs, Florida 01-04-13

Chris, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at Bay Point Dr.  We are very sad there were so many deficiencies and issues on this property but very glad you identified them before we moved forward.  I hope my wife and I find another property where we can utilize your services and have a better outcome.  Again, thank you very much for your time.

William Gamba – Maderia Beach, Florida – 04-30-13

Chris, Thank you for your help with the inspection. As expected, I was very pleased with your work and thorough report. I will definitely pass along your information if the opportunity presents itself in the future.

Justice Anderson – Tampa Bay, Florida – 04-04-13

Chris, Thank you so much for the report. You’ll be getting a great recommendation from me on Angie’s List. It was a pleasure working with you.

Leanne Grayston – Tampa Bay, Florida – 04-02-13

Chris, Nice Job!

Mitch Vigeveno – CEO Turning Point Inc. – Tampa, Florida – 03-01-13

Chris,  Thank you for such a thorough inspection. If you ever need a recommendation, please contact me.  It was a pleasure meeting you!

Vicki Granell – Tampa Bay, Florida – 01-14-13

Dear Chris,  I wanted to say thank you again for your inspection report, it was very thorough.

Chris Wood – Tampa Bay, Florida – 01-29-13

Hi Chris,  Thanks for your in-detailed report, again, which helps me a lot when it is time to repair. BTW I recommend you to a fiend who is also buying multiple condos.  Thank you very much and happy thanksgiving in advance.

Chi – Tampa Bay, Florida  – 11-18-12

Hi Chris,  It has been a pleasure talking with you, what you have taught me will definitely benefit me for a life long. We are lucky to have you inspected our house. I am pretty sure I will see you again in the near future. Thank you again.

Chi – Tampa Bay, Florida – 11-07-12

Shanna,  Please reach out to Chris Miller regarding the Palazzo property inspection in St. Petersburg.  Chris is an extremely knowledgeable and comprehensive when it comes to truly assessing the complex aspects of an existing building.  I have the highest level of confidence in him and hope this works out for the both of you.

Jorden Behar – Behar & Peteranecz Architecture – Clearwater, Florida 10-15-12

Chris,  Thank you so much for a great inspection. Very detailed and professional.  We have decided not to go proceed with the purchase of the house due to the condition of the property your inspection uncovered we have asked for a full refund due to non disclosure of the buried swimming pool and other items. Again thank you the information you discovered was a great aid in making our decision. I am sure that without your inspection we would have purchased a problem instead of a house.  I will use your services in the future and refer other to you.  Thanks for a good job.

Tom & Laura Howell – Tampa Bay Florida – 10-06-12

Chris,  Thanks for all your help I would HIGHLY recommend your services to my friends.

Richard Bohigian – Tampa Bay Florida – 10-02-12

Chris,  You are one of the most professional people I have ever dealt with.  I promise you, all you have done, you will be credited for.  Thank you for keep believing, have a good weekend.

Michelle Gray – Brandon Florida – 08-25-12

Chris,  You did a couple of inspections for me in the year and did a great job.  We were looking to rip out old A/C unit this fall including ductwork etc.  I saw you listed consulting on your website and wanted to know more details. First time doing something on this scale and wanted to do it right, thanks.

Eric Schultze – Tampa Bay Florida – 08-25-12

Hi Chris, Thank you for your excellent report…It was easy to read, pics tied everything together.  I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.  Thank You.  We were given till Friday to make a decision so this report is perfect timing…

Frank & Toni Licata – Tampa Bay Florida – 08-16-12

Chris, This is an amazingly detailed inspection report, Chris… great job! Obviously I knew this just talking to you on the phone, but good to see you in person. Thanks for being so thorough.

Chad &Brooke Atkinson – US ARMY – Afghanistan – 08-16-12

Thank You Chris,  Debra & I will be meeting to discuss my next steps.  You have provided essential  information I needed to make decisions not only to purchase this property but regarding steps and rough estimates for repairs in the immediate future.

Margie – Tampa Bay, Florida – 07-05-12

Thank you so much for your diligence, Chris. You sure are the Holmes on Homes guy for our Tampa Bay Area. You take such good care of your customers, and that will reflect in my report to Angie’s List.   As of this morning we are canceling our contract with the Sunbeam property. We will only proceed if we are compensated for the work that needs to be done.

Shannon – Tampa Bay Florida – 06-11-12

Hi Chris,Thanks for the extremely thorough home inspection report. I am still looking for a home in Seminole, but looking at things a wee bit different now.  First and foremost hiring you before I deposit or send any money, looking foreword to hiring you on our next find. Thanks.

Jim & Ann Frame – Seminole Florida – 03-27-12

Chris, Thanks very much for the thorough report!!!

Craig & Kim Wick – Wesley Chapel Florida – 02-18-12

Good job Chris, I enjoyed meeting you and participating…..

Steve Haslam – Streetlinks CEO – Indianapolis Indiana – 02-08-12

Chris, I just wanted to thank you again for doing the inspection for us yesterday. As a first time home buyer I really appreciate that you took the time to explain the ins and outs of the house. I learned a lot from the experience and it was a bargain at $500.00.

Matt Lepinski – Tampa Bay Florida – 01-03-12

Chris, First of all, thank you so much for the thorough inspection performed yesterday at Ranchette Ln. For the first time in the process we felt we were given straight facts in which to make an educated decision and that we had an advocate on our side of the deal. We’ll let you know how it turns out.

Robb Riley – Tampa Bay Florida – 10-25-11

Chris, Thank you so much for your excellent work. I apologize for my realtor for being so rude to you, that is what I deal with continually. I am so relieved you found the mold.  I am having my contractor go in next week and if its an expensive job that the seller will not cover, then I am backing out. If that is the case I will definitely be calling you on the next place I find for an inspection.

Adina Belejchak – Tampa Bay – Florida  09-23-11

Chris, Thanks a million! I appreciate your willingness to speed up the process. The timing was perfect! I will definitely write a glowing report for you.  Thanks again for your attention to detail and hard work.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.  All the best.

Darlene Reggio – Tampa Florida – 07-31-11

Thanks Chris,  We are very happy with your services and thanks for the great rate!

Jason Mcinnis – Service manager TGM – Clearwater Florida – 07-25-11

Chris is my construction manager, I highly recommend him.

Tony Holcombe – Syniverse Technologies, Numerex Corp – Tampa Florida 07-25-11

Chris, We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your prompt attention to the properties we were considering for purchase here in Pasco County, Florida.  You were on time, thorough, considerate of our feelings and the feelings of the owners and accurate. We were so grateful that you found the faults of the first property we were considering and helped us save heartaches, headaches and our cash! After learning a lot from you and your contacts who helped us with structural issues, we decided to walk away from that first property.  We love the 2nd property and we thank you so much for all of your knowledge, dry humor and additional assistance as we have needed it.  Should any of your potential customers want to talk to us about your processes or procedures, please fell free to give them our email address.

Jo Anne Freeman & Jim Jucker – Pasco County Florida – 03-29-11

Chris: Thanks for the very comprehensive report.

Douglas Durand – Tampa Florida – 03-10-11

Hello, Mr. Miller, Since you saw mold and did a mold sample for us and calling us yesterday and gave us a verbal report. We appreciate the professionalism with which you are conducting your business.  Thanks.

Usha Mahajan – Tampa Bay Florida – 03-05-11

Chris, Unfortunately, the sellers did not agree to fix any of the issues/problems you found, so we cancelled the contract.  The mold issue and also the A/C not being large enough were problems neither one of us could even begin to deal with as we both have enough allergies without adding more.  Good news was we did not lose any money.  Dennis and I really appreciated your honest and expert inspection and findings.  Thank you so much. Happy new Year,

Dennis & Cindy Ballard – Tampa Bay Florida – 02-16-11

Chris, Thanks for your help! It is really comforting to know that I have such a great advocate in my corner when it comes to stuff like this.  Thanks again Rick.

Richard R Dimmitt Jr. – Dimmitt Automotive Group – Clearwater Florida 01-06-11

Hi Chris, Happy New Year.  Sure appreciated the help in getting a discount from the wind mitigation documentation.

Dave Mustain – Tampa Bay Florida 01-06-11

Dear Christopher, You have my future business and ANYONE that I can refer to you as well. Your inspection services are A++++ Your professionalism is appreciated and not overlooked.

Susan Campbell – Clearwater Florida – 01-06-11

Chris, We will be closing on our home on 01-14-2011. We are very excited and very thankful for your assistance!

Amy Thomas – K-Force-Inc. – Tampa Florida 01-06-11

Chris,  We have closed on our office on 12/29 but will not move in until 1/22. I definitely would refer people to you for any inspection needs! Happy New Year!.

Benjamin A. Davis – Compass Point Surveyors. PL – Clearwater Fl – 01-05-11

Chris, We have closed and will be moving later this month. Thanks for all your help.  I definitely will rec you to friends.  Thanks and Happy new Year!

Robin Hochman – Tampa Bay – 01-04-11

Hi Chris, Thanks for the report. It’s good to get some definitive data on the situation so we can go about fixing the issues.  Thanks again, and I’ll let you know if we need and further inspections services.

Dustin Leach – Tampa Bay – 01-03-11

Hello Chris, Well I am finally going to close on the property! I am impressed with your service and will refer you to anyone that I may know that needs an inspection.

Susan Campbell – Clearwater Florida – 12-14-10

Chris, We will definitely have you on our referral list.  All worked out great!

David AL Dion – Raytheon Operations Manager – Largo Florida  12-12-10

Hello Christopher, Thanks Again for your excellent service; we found you impressive and very professional, and are looking forward to the report!  Thanks for your hard work and quick response!

Jonathan Hogarth – Tampa Bay – 12-06-10

Chris, Thanks for coming out on a moments notice, I really appreciate it!  Well as you know I think you are an excellent inspector and if I can ever refer a person, or 2, I will!

M.Sam – Tampa Bay – 12-02-10

Hey Chris, We close on the house this Friday. We will keep you in mind if we ever need another inspection done or if we hear of anyone in need of your services. It was a pleasure working with you.

Elizabeth Stoddard, Tampa, Florida  10-19-10

Thanks Chris, Everything worked out great. We’ll be in contact for our next move. We’ve been scouting out your neighborhood and would love to be in walking distance to downtown Dunedin.  We’re on hold currently until school is out.

Mark & Britton Kane, Largo, Florida  10-12-10

Chris, We passed on the Lake tarpon home. We are, however, looking at a home we had looked at before on the Anclote River in Holiday. We will let you know if the banks ever get their acts together enough to make the deal happen. Thanks,

Bill Pilotte, Trinity, Florida  10-01-10

Chris,  We have closed and moved in officially on September  25th and have been wrapped up in cleaning/organizing the new home. I have been meaning to fill out the Angie’s List form for you and will do that soon. Thanks again for your assistance.

Sharon & Eric Olsen – Tampa Bay – Florida  09-28-10

Hi Chris, Just wanted you to know I just submitted a very positive report about you on Angie’s List.  Thanks for your services. Best,

Andrea Katz, Randolph, New Jersey  09-27-10

Chris, You should see what we have done inside and of course the roof.  Found lots of other problems as you thought (during renovations). All I can say is the inspectors (building department not us) were drive by or they took him out fishing instead of looking.  Maybe the permits they did were limited and they took advantage by doing more without inspections. If your in the neighborhood, stop by. My neighbors that you know are at the house too. Thanks,

Bill Rathmanner, Tierra Verde, Florida  09-26-10

Chris, We are currently renting a place is Lutz, and hoping to buy in the next year or so. We will definitely use your services again when the time comes!! Hope all is well with you and yours,

Annabella Stoelwinder & Tim Root, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma  09-26-10

Chris, Will continue to recommend you when I can.  Thanks,

Erik Morchen, Land-O-Lakes, Florida  08-19-10

Chris, Thanks for the detailed report. We appreciate your quality services.  Cheers,

Chris Huminski, Brandon, Florida  08-15-10

Chris, Thanks again for all the very good information on the house.  Thanks!

Ryan Proly, Tampa, Florida  08-05-10

Thanks Chris, I really appreciate all the pains you have taken to ensure an accurate and comprehensive home inspection report.

Harpal Talwar, Tampa, Florida  08-02-10

Thanks Chris! Great, as always, to work with a trusted person/company!

Britton Kane, Largo, Florida  07-05-10

Thank you Chris,  I appreciate your time and report.

Norma Miguel, Tampa, Florida  05-15-10

Chris, Thanks! I’ve moved in and am getting settled. Thanks again for your services.  I will definitely refer you to others when possible. Sincerely,

Mary Tang, Tampa, Florida  05-14-10

Chris, Thanks again for your excellent service and attention. Kind Regards,

Tannette & Barton Whitfield, St. Petersburg, Florida  05-15-10

Chris, Thank you for the good inspection and contacts. I look forward to working together in the future.  Regards,

Peter Hannouche, Tampa , Florida  05-09-10

Thank you, Chris. Excellent and helpful report!

Jerry Spilatro, Clearwater, Florida  05-07-10

Chris, We closed after acquiring additional concessions based on your report. The 4 ton HVAC unit was found to have a bad weld at the exchanger, leaking all of the refrigerant and required replacement.  We have addressed the structural gussets you recommended in the roof structure and performed more analysis of the stone falling. We have determined that an inadequate bonding agent was added to the mortar. We are in the real estate business and appreciate your thoroughness.  Thank You.

David P. Estey, P.E., Augusta, Maine  05-03-10

Chris, Your inspection has been very helpful. I’m about 60 days from listing. You were right on with your suggestions.  Thanks again for your help.

Vicky Alderman, Clearwater, Florida  05-02-10

Chris,  “We have had a number of home inspections over the years and yours was the most thorough and professional.  We appreciate all of your help with our follow up questions as well as the required insurance inspections as well.  We will definitely be recommending you to our friends.”

Tom Kurey, Belleair, Florida  05-02-10

Chris, We got the home and have been moving in for a month! We would definitely recommend you, and appreciate all that you have done! I can’t thank you enough for the great report, and taking time to explain everything!

Paul & Nessie Koumantzelis, Clearwater, Florida  05-02-10

Chris, Thanks for the report and great pictures. I have a great plumber who was able to confirm your analysis and diagnose the problem over the phone. The shower liner was installed incorrectly there were two holes in the bottom two corners from screws too low in the liner. The screws rusted and water seeped under the pan.

Ken Gentile, Tampa, Florida  05-02-10

We have been in the house a couple of weeks now and are putting things together slowly but surely. Thanks for the inspections. I would recommend you to anyone (and have to a few people already).  This house is definitely the right one.

Ben M. Fry, Dunedin, Florida  05-02-10

Thank you, Chris. This is excellent work. I sent the report off to the attorneys, we may be heading for a show down. Thanks again for jumping on this so quickly and your excellent report.  I was very much impressed.

Lynnwood Arnold Jr., Tampa, Florida  04-14-10

Chris, Thank you for doing a great job on the inspection today. Definitely disappointed, but this turn of events will work out for the best. I’m in the process of switching gears mentally to look at houses again. I’ll be in touch once I find another house to schedule an inspection on it. I’ll be more than happy to write a great review for you!   (He just did!)

Chris Covert, Clearwater, Florida  04-13-10

Chris,  Once again I appreciate your thoroughness.

Stan Wnek, Largo, Florida  03-18-10

Chris, Thanks for reviewing the letter.  I closed on the house and all is going well. I wanted to thank you also for your services. I felt like you were the only person looking out for my best interests throughout the process. As a single mother it was important for me to have a through, independent inspection of the property and I am confident that your inspection gave me the leverage to have some issues addressed with the builder and also to be fully aware of potential future issues before making this major purchase.  Thank You,

Aimee Larson, Tampa, Florida  03-18-10

Chris, Thank You very much for your time and service.  My mother and Joseph were very pleased with your service.  Thank you for the written report and the photos.  Have a great day I will be sure to recommend you to others.

Norma Miguel, Tampa, Florida  03-09-10

Good Evening Chris,  Michelle and I want to thank you for your services.  We both feel it was money well spent. Thanks again. Have a great weekend.

Conrad and Michelle, Belleair, Florida  03-05-10

Hi, The seller stalled until four days before the closing and would not have the cabinet pulled out.  I did not want to risk a huge potential problem.  I had to go into storage, found a nice rental home (I think) and moved in this Friday. Will try again next year! Thanks again for your help.  I will be finding another realtor, but will definitely contact you about the inspection.

Jean Schinn, Clearwater, Florida  03-02-10

Chris, We closed on schedule but my renter is actually living there.  So far so Good.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is considering the purchase of a house.  I’m actually looking for a place for myself, so I’ll call you if I find something while the market is still good. Thanks again for the job you did. If you ever need me for a reference, feel free to give my name and phone number.

Steve Brown,  Tampa, Florida  02-14-10

Thanks Chris, We were pleased with the inspection (although we wished it would have had less on it!). We have not closed yet because it is a short sale and the sellers bank still hasn’t yet approved it – although they have a Feb 28th deadline so hopefully they are wrapping it up pretty shortly.  I will definitely recommend your service and appreciate all your advise on how the fix some of the issues with the home.  Thanks Again.

Ben Fry, Dunedin, Florida  02-14-10

Hello Chris, My realtor wanted your contact info because he was so impressed with your work. They have made a few repairs, but many remain unfinished.  The builder is working on many of the items from the inspection. As soon as I hear, I would like to schedule a follow-up with you.  They have taken a hard stance on the bead casing around the windows and are reluctant to repair since they believe they are in compliance. I asked them to put it in writing that they are in compliance specifically to the ASTM code on this issue.  I am still not satisfied with their response on this issue.  As a precaution, I have contacted the county and FL AG office.  Stay Tuned!! Thanks!

Jason Montgomery, Lutz, Florida  02-14-10

Thanks Chris, We have moved in and are loving it. I have referred you to several friends. Hopefully they will send some business your way.

Dan Bair, Clearwater Beach, Florida  02-13-10

Hi Chris, We have closed and have had most of the deficiencies corrected already.  The pool resurfacing is scheduled and when that is completed we’ll be ready to list it for rent. We will indeed recommend your service to friends. Thank You.

Bente Jensen, Belleair Beach Florida  02-13-10

Dear Mr. Miller,  Thank you again for finding the flaws in the property you checked and not getting us into a mess.  If we do find something else  we will surely think of you.

Marylyn Stanton, Cape Coral, Florida  01-20-10

Hello Chris,  We close on the property tomorrow.  Thank you for your services and we will definitely refer you to our friends.

Courtney Preston, Dunedin Florida  01-19-10

Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know that I withdrew my offer to buy the property. I am very grateful for your thorough inspection, think it saved me from much trouble.  The sellers roof estimate came back at $250, and the shower was deemed to be in perfect condition by their plumber. I will be contacting you when I find another home, thank you again for your help.

Jeanne Schinn, Dunedin Florida  12-22-09

We recently received a request for an inspection from a woman named Norma.  She asked for references, below is a response from one of those references Ian Hudson:

Norma, Hello. I cannot recommend Chris Miller Highly enough.  My wife and I used Suncoast Inspections for 3 different home inspections, and he saved us from buying a house whose roof had passed a different company’s inspection but was badly damaged.  He is thorough, efficient and professional–definitely worth the money. Though I cannot speak to his experience with foreclosure homes, I’d imagine that if anything he would take more care with a house about which he has no information or an owner to ask, like the foreclosure home you’re considering. In short, yes– I HIGHLY recommend Chris and Suncoast Inspections. I hope this helps, and good luck-

Ian Hudson, Clearwater Florida  12-16-09

Chris, Hello! We Closed on Anderson and Alicia and I love it! I’d like to say that we hove no problem referring you to anyone else- your attention to detail and professionalism was second to none. I’m sure you’ll hear from us in about a year as we keep an eye on our roof, so we don’t get snuck up on for the eventual replacement.  Thanks Chris, Ian

Ian Hudson, Clearwater Florida  12-11-09

Chris, We closed and moved in 6 weeks ago.  Your inspection and recommendations saved me several thousands of dollars in repairs or renovations and I will recommend you to all.  Have a happy holiday. Thanks Joe

Joe Kurlick, Fedx sales manager, Tampa Florida 12-11-09

Chris, Thank you for your extremely professional report and documentation, with supporting photo graphs. I have forwarded to our agent and I am confident that the V.A. inspector will concur with your findings. Thank You again,

Robert G. Allen,  Tampa Florida 10-07-09

Chris, Based on the results of your inspection we were able to cancel our purchase contract on the Tampa Palms house. I enjoyed working with you, and appreciate your detailed and thorough work. I expect to need your services again soon.

Ryan Greenacre,   of Greenacre Properties   Tampa, Florida   09-17-09

Hi Chris, We are moving in this weekend, ready or not, when you are in the area stop by. Thanks for your expertise.

Jay & J.Lyn Denomme,   St. Petersburg, Florida  09-17-09 – (New Construction Phase Inspections)

Thank you again Chris!  We appreciate your time & you being so thorough!!

Phil & Alison Stock,    St. Petersburg, Florida  08-19-09

Chris, very good report.  Good thing we are on the buyers side – I would hate to be reading this as a seller.

Paul Engelhardt,   of Hallmark Development of Florida – Clearwater,  Florida    08-14-09

Below is a copy of an email sent from Mr. Engelhardt to their real estate agent:

Thought you would appreciate the quality of Chris’s report.  He does a great job and you may want to refer him to your clients.  Naturally, after you read – the report on the house really stinks (good roof at least) but details of this house are a different issue.

The agent replies back:

Very nice report! Thanks for sharing that.  I have definitely seen homes in worse condition before!  (Typical agent response, we rarely get business from real estate agents.

Chris, Thank you so much for your time and effort regarding the continued odor in my apartment.  I am going to pursue (sub contractors name goes here). Thanks.

Robert Goodman,    Land O lakes, Florida   08-04-09

Thanks Chris, I do have you in my list of contacts, and I surely will refer you to anyone who might need your services. Apparently, among all the companies I’ve contracted through this journey, your company was one of the few I kept for future referrals.

Sam Moreira,    Safety Harbor, Florida   07-10-09


Based on the results of your inspection we were able to cancel our purchase contract on the Tampa Palms house. I enjoyed working with you, and appreciate your detailed and thorough work. I expect to need your services again soon.

William Moore,    Reston Virginia  07-09-09

Hello, Chris: Please know that I greatly appreciate your fast service and your professional work! You are an important piece to my condo puzzle. I look forward to recommending your work.  Thanks ever so much!!!

Holly Hail, St. Petersburg Florida   06-02-09

Hi Chris, Thanks for your excellent inspection of my mom’s property in April 2008, Earth Tech has been on site repairing the foundation. Best Regards,

David Proper, 05-13-09

Chris, The report did the trick.  We will be replacing the entire HVAC system by June 1st or maybe sooner. I am so grateful you were able to give us such a thorough report. Without it I don’t think my husband would have been so convinced. I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Thanks Again!

Gabrielle Garrison, Clearwater Florida 04-27-09

We were surfing our name on the web recently (02-09) and came up with this blog from June of “05”.

If anyone is looking for a home inspector in the Florida (Largo, Tampa, Clearwater area), they would be well advised to contact Chris Miller from Suncoast, Inc. Friends of mine are purchasing a house down there and I happen to be visiting when Chris did the inspection. He took digital photos as well as video photos, his van was equipped like a small traveling office, and he produced the computer generated report before he left the premises.  This was a four bedroom approx. 1800 sf property and Chris spent almost 3 1/2 hours doing the inspection.  Quite a nice job, and I suspect he is booked heavily, but if you need a home inspector, you would be well advised to contact him.

Condor, Chicago IL.   06-05

Chris, Your report was great! I’ve gotten the other party to agree to cover some of the major repairs needed.

Sam Moreira,  Safety Harbor Florida  03-26-09

Chris, We still have not closed on the property but we are hoping that it happens soon (long story). Should we be fortune enough to stumble on another property that we can afford, you’ll be our Inspector! Thanks!

Jan Hyink,  Seminole Florida  02-19-09

Chris, I just thought you might like to here this compliment. I showed your report to one Tampa roofer, and he said that it was the best inspection report he had ever seen.  I gave him your business card.  Hope you are doing well.

Slavica Tabakovic,   Palm Harbor Florida  02-14-09

Chris,  Thanks again for the help.  You saved me again.  We decided to withdrawal from the contract. It is disappointing but better than the alternative.

John Fleming, Terra Verde Florida   01-12-09

Dear Chris,  As you recall, we asked you to inspect a house for mold. You found a great deal of mold and discovered other problems in the process.  You told us under no uncertain terms that buying the house would not be a wise decision.  We are eternally grateful to you for giving us sound advice and for being on our side when we needed it the most.  We found another house but were not willing the wait  for you so we called another inspector. After only one week we wished we had waited. We are writing you to let you know we admire your professionalism, expertise, and commitment to your clients and that when we shop for another home we will work within your schedule.  You are not the only inspector in Tampa Bay, but you are the only one for us! Have wonderful year.

Debra Slone & Sonja Ebron, Lutz  Florida  01-02-09

Hello Chris,  I would like to take a moment and thank you for a great web site and very informative ideas and morals to your industry. When I found your web site and spent a little time on it I thought to myself (this is the only company that truly works for the client). Your website conveys a message very clear that you will not be pushed around by outside interests. In the future I will refer my clients in need of an inspection.  From my three days of researching on the internet you are the industry standard.  Thank you again for a wonderful insight to your industry.

Donnie Moore, Daytona Beach  Florida   10-09-08

Thanks Chris, We really appreciate your service. You helped us in many ways. We will most assuredly pass along your name.  In fact we already did to a lady at work contemplating an investment property.  Thanks for your professionalism!

Bea Steele, Clearwater Florida   10-09-08

Hi Chris, On Monday I met with the builder to review your inspection report. He said he would correct all the faults and/or suggestions that you made. What he promised satisfied me. Anyway, thanks again for all the good work. It’s made me even more enthusiastic about the construction project.

Arthur Herman, London England   09-25-08 – (New Construction Phase Inspections)

Hi Chris, Very grateful for the thoroughness of your inspection, especially the roof deficiencies which have been corrected after some conflicts with the slimy roofing company. Will be in touch. Would not hesitate to recommend your services.  Thanks much.

Frank Brandt, Flagstaff Arizona   08-22-08

Hello Chris, Wow Chris! This is great work. It’s excellent, you are heaven sent! Thank you so much for all the help. I will definitely pass the word around because you did such a great job I cannot stop talking about it here at work. Again thank you for the wonderful job you did. I moved out finally and I am really happy at my new place!

Alexa Astwood, St. Petersburg, Florida 07-09-08

Chris, Thank you so much for being my guest expert lecturer at Stetson on Friday.  The class responded very favorably to you and your expertise. You were a big hit! I personally enjoyed our very candid discussion about the give and take between a potential expert and hiring lawyer.

David T. Tirella, St. Petersburg, Florida 06-09-08

Hey man!  Yup, case just settled. Waiting for final paperwork as we speak. Man, what a long haul this has been. Gotta thank you so much for all your help! I will never buy another house (anywhere in the world) without you! best, Brad.

Brad Wenkos, St. Petersburg, Florida  03-20-07

Excellent Job! I now think that I know exactly where my problems are and how to repair them.

Bob Mitchell, Brandon, Florida – 01-31-07

You did a very nice job. My husband and I are very impressed.  Thank you so much for the nice detailed report!

Cheryl Onder, Springhill, Florida – 12-12-06

Thanks again and I will not hesitate to use you or pass on your name to friends.  I found your service first class and product very professional.  It helped me enormously and I will contact you in the near future when I buy again..

Gerald Gladwin, Tampa, Florida – 12-01-06

Chris, My sister and her husband are signing contracts to build a home here too. That won’t break ground until June 07. She says to tell you to reserve a space in your schedule for her home.  As far as I am concerned I can’t see anyone building a home without your services. Thank you again and thank you for the contractor recommendation.  Our Best.

Steve and Paula Thompson,  Brooksville, Florida -11-29-06

Chris,  I wanted to personally thank you for working so quickly to produce a very impressive, concise and convincing documentation of our dilemma.  I truly appreciate you working around our hectic schedules and adjusting your schedule to appear in court. Although we will not know the outcome of our arbitration for several weeks, I feel confident that our “team” gave 100% to support my husband and I in our case. I have told my husband that this has been quite a learning curve for us and that if we ever muster up the intestinal fortitude to take on a project of this magnitude again, your services will be contracted prior to signing with a G.C.  I hope it is under those circumstances that we meet again as opposed to wasting time in court.

Pattie Spence,  Belleair, Florida – 06-03-06

I just wanted to thank you for the professional and thorough inspection you performed on our recently purchased residence. Your inspection revealed some significant items to address before we closed on our residence.  The inspection report was complete and informative; in addition the pictures really gave us a clear understanding of the necessary repairs, code violations, and what we were purchasing.  The report actually saved us money by having the homeowner perform these repairs before we closed.We would highly recommend your services to anyone purchasing or building a home.

Joseph J. Janning, Westchester, Ohio – 02-13-06

I would like to compliment the inspector for his thorough and professional inspection of the property. Wishing you the best in the New Year,

Lorraine A. Fitzpatrick, MD –  from Westlake Village, California – 01-04-06

Happy New Year. I am looking forward to getting settled into my place in Tampa, but won’t arrive until later this month.  In the meantime, I am somehow surviving 20 degree weather with freezing rain and snow here in New York. I will be happy to refer you to others looking for a home inspection.  I have been quite impressed with your thoroughness and professionalism. Thanks for a great job, and best wishes for a successful 2006.

Kevin Bagley, New York – 01-04-06

You’ll definitely keep getting my referrals.  Your work was greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!

Wendy Kirkby, Largo, Florida – 01-07-06

Thanks again for the great work.  I was reassured by your attention to detail that the previous inspection was quite inadequate.  It was well worth the money for a second opinion, and would highly recommend you to anyone.  I took the initiative to put a stop payment on the check for the earlier “inspection” and am still tempted to notify the Better Business Bureau and the insurance company who referred the guy (other inspector) to me. Thanks again for providing me the help I needed to make an informed decision on that home.

Jim, Indian Rocks, Florida

Thank You. We fell that things definitely worked out for the best even though we did not proceed with the house. Based on our positive experience with you, I did give your name and contact number recently to my hair stylist who is planning on building a home in the next couple of months. Thanks again. When we find our next home, we would definitely want you to come check things out for us. Happy New Year!

My Hanh and Kin, Tampa, Florida – 12-15-05

Thanks to your inspection, we made a very good deal at closing with a repair allowance. I don’t think we would have pulled it off without your careful work.

Marty, Dunedin, Florida – 11-29-05

I decided not to make an offer on the property you inspected for me.  Thank you for a very thorough inspection.  I will be in Florida from 7 Nov to 18 Nov. I am still searching for a place primarily in the Sheldon West Community. Needless to say, before I make an offer on any unit, I shall have it inspected by Thanks again, and I am sure we will be doing business at least one more time.

Kevin Bagley, Tampa, Florida – 11-15-05

Thanks! I did purchase the house and have been spending a the last couple weeks painting before moving in. I got the seller to fix the issues you found like the roof problems and the old ungrounded electrical system as part of the contract and everything is going well. Thanks again for doing a great job! I’ll definitely refer you to other is the future.

Jamie Evans, Dunedin, Florida – 08-01-05

Thanks for the follow-up I was very impressed with you and your work. Certainly if I or anyone I know needs an inspection I would certainly recommend you.

Richard Borden, Clearwater, Florida  – 08-01-05

Just thought we’d let you know that we appreciate the job well done on your home inspection at 2767 Westchester Drive N. in Countryside. Just as we thought, the homeowners wouldn’t make repairs or come down in price. We’re happy that we didn’t make a costly mistake, but we’re sad to find ourselves still searching for the right home after 5 months! God bless you. Thanks again! Sincerely,

Lourdes & Al Aboud, Clearwater, Florida – 02-21-05

We closed on the house today, finally. Everything is fine for right now, but if we need you or if someone we know needs you we will definitely contact you. Thank You!

Michael Willingham, Clearwater – 01-06-05

Thanks Chris. We have decided to cancel the contract due to all the roof issues you found, and their lack of co-operation to repair. They also did not disclose any of the roof repairs they did. However, they are now not releasing the escrow. We have to go to FREC for mediation. Oh, well. We are still looking, and I will definitely be giving you a call back for another appointment. Thanks!

Jim, Largo, Florida

Thank you Chris! you did a VERY thorough job and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you.

Sarah, Tampa Bay, Florida

Thank you for all of your help. The people from the pool leak company were pleasant and competent. Thanks for the referral. Best to you and yours.

Terri, St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you again for doing such a great job with our inspection. My husband and I felt very comfortable both with you and the job that you did. We decided not to buy the house that you inspected but are still looking and certainly plan to give you a call when we find another one. Thank you again and we hope to be giving you a call soon.

John & Molly,  Tampa Bay, Florida

Thank you for doing a great job with the inspection. We have viewed the video several times and besides allowing us to “see” the inspection it allowed us to view the house again as we had only been there the one time we viewed prior to making an offer. The owners agreed to have the repairs made. The builder reluctantly took care of the soffit flashings, and the split truss member as well as the open circuit box. The pool company reluctantly took care of the placing pads under the contact spots with the panels and piping you so nicely pointed out. I will recommend your company to anyone who asks us for a home inspection referral in the future!

Lee,  Chicago, Ill.

Thanks for your follow up. You were very helpful to complete our closing with a great feeling of comfort on pointing out things that needed to be corrected. Our closing turned out to be a very pleasant experience because of your technical experience and input. Best Regards,

Larry, Belleair Beach, Florida

Thanks for checking on us. It appears closing is March 28. Thanks again for your good job.

Marty and Lois,  Harbor Bluffs, Florida

Well, we closed on August 16 and are pretty satisfied with the home.  The builder addressed all issues, in some form, identified in your report.  They even performed an air quality analysis once the house was fully completed.  The air quality is now standard procedure with our builder.  Thanks to our persistence and your report!

Ronnie Blackshear, Land O’ Lakes, Florida  08-23-04   (New Construction Phase Inspections)

Thank you for your thorough inspection! Your insights made a big difference to us in deciding whether or not that was the “right” house for us. We certainly will be contacting you for an inspection when we find another property in which we have serious interest. Thanks again,

Scott,  Tarpon Springs, Florida –  08-14-04

Thanks! We give your name out to anyone we talk to about inspections!!!!! Take care, Keep in Touch.

Debby Flesch,  Clearwater, Florida – 07-08-04

Thanks Chris! You have done a very professional job for us! You can certainly use us as a reference for any other Canadians who might want a home inspection!

Brian Hval,  New Brunswick, Canada – 05-07-04

Chris, Thank you for your assistance with the house. I would be more than happy to recommend your services. In the event the Doctor finds another house I’ll be in touch. Thanks Again!

Patti Lawrence,  Orlando, Florida – 05-04-04

Chris,  All went well, thanks. I will continue to refer you to other folks. You are a true professional.

Frank Velton, New Port Richey, Florida – 05-04-04 (New Construction Phase Inspections)

We are planning on having a few contractors take a look at the areas of concern you noted on the report.  We anticipate getting a few quotes to perform the work and go from there. We will keep you in mind in the event a family member or friend needs an inspector in the area.

Julie Barkley,  Palmetto, Florida – 03-19-04

Once again, I was impressed with your thoroughness and quick turn-around. I would certainly be happy to be a reference if you ever need one.

Mary Grace Duffy, Cambridge, Massachusetts – 01-23-04

We would like to thank you for all your help and work with the inspection on the Palm Harbor property that we contracted to buy. You did an excellent job inspecting the property and receiving the report on the spot. Without your report we would never have known the true condition of the property. You were available for us with all of our questions and we cannot tell you how much we appreciated your help. We would highly recommend you to any friends or family in the future and would willingly be a reference for you at any time, feel free to have anyone call us for a reference. Thank you again.

James,  Clearwater, Florida

Thank you for the help at the last place we looked at. You proved to be well worth the trip and in the future, if I need you, I will not hesitate to call. Thanks.

Dennis Rygwalski, Tampa , Florida – 01-27-04

Thanks so much Chris! Everything is going really smoothly with the house, and we are making good progress. I’ve recommended your services to a friend here at work, and I’ve given him your contact info. Take care and have a great holiday weekend.

Ryan, from Belleair, Florida

I just wanted to say thank you. I thought you did a nice job and if I need anything I will be sure to give you a call. Have a nice Easter.

Brenda, Tampa, Florida

Thanks for your help. I managed to negotiate the price considerably due to your observations. At least to the tune of a new roof!

Andy,  Clearwater, Florida

Thank you very much Chris.  I have been talking of your services highly.  Hope it generates calls.  Thank you again for your help!

Jeanne Bradley, Clearwater, Florida – 02-29-04

Thanks Chris, we will certainly refer you to friends and clients.  Thanks for your help!

James Clark PA, Tampa Florida – 06-25-04

Thank you again for your thorough inspection and report.  I will refer you to anyone that inquires for your services.  You were very helpful, as always.

Judy Healey, Palm Harbor, Florida – 10-04-04

We were very satisfied with your professional services and will not hesitate to refer you to others!

Joe Jamero, Brandon, Florida – 11-30-04

To let you know your inspection was well worth the time and money. My friend was very pleased with the job you did.

Ganesh Ram Sarwan, Clearwater, Florida -11-17-03

*smiles* The termite inspection found live termites. Ah well! We submitted a list of repairs. I am still waiting for confirmation from the sellers and their agents as to whether they are going to do as promised. I will most certainly call upon you again. Thanks for your consideration and follow-up.

Joy Liebl, Winter Park, Florida – 08-20-03

Thanks Chris, I had a new air handler installed by a member of our church, night and day difference, house is cold and comfortable. Thanks again for your input, it was a great help in making a decision.

Bill Haining, Clearwater, Florida – 06-27-03

We would like to thank you for all your help and work with the inspection on the property in Palm Harbor that we contracted to buy. You did an excellent job inspecting the property and receiving the report on the spot. Without your report we would never have known the true condition of the property. You were available for us with all our questions and we cannot tell you how much we appreciated your help. We would highly recommend you to any friends or family in the future and would willing be a reference for you at any time, fell free to have anyone call us for a reference. Thank you again.

Mr. & Mrs. James Henry, Palm Harbor, Florida – 06-23-03












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