Thanks for the report. Lots of things to do – and we appreciate your first rate report.
Bill Kalish – Tampa Florida – -04-06-15

Chris, Thank you so much for a thorough job!

Adina Jones – Largo Florida – 03-27-15

Thank you so much, the report is excellent!  I will definitely pass along your contact information to anyone I know is buying a home in the area. 

Matt Lepinski – Tampa Bay Florida – 03-10-15

Thank you very much for your quick and very useful work. I appreciate your help with this matter. 

Christian Stolfe – Tampa Bay Florida – 02-09-15

Hello Chris, Thank you for your professionalism and accuracy. 

Michelle Mueller – South Tampa Florida – 01-21-15

Hi Chris, Thank you for making it to the meeting this evening.  I am relying on you to guild me to do this endeavor correctly – no short cuts – and give me a house to call home for the rest of my life…and for my parents. I am so glad someone like you will be there to look after my best interest and not “sell up” something for me.  With great appreciation. 

Ed Francisco – South Tampa, Florida – 12-04-14

This is very thorough and complete. I thank you for all of your work on this and will keep you in mond for future work. 

Kimberly Platt – Does tacos Food Truck – Dunedin Florida – 08-29-14

Chris, I received your report and would like to thank you for your thorough and professional service. Again thank you for your efforts. Be assured I will use your services if ever needed in the future and give you my highest recommendation to anyone seeking your type of service. 

Nick Burrell – Tampa Bay Florida – 07-17-14

Thanks a million for your very thorough inspection.  The report is great. I am glad we ventured into the crawl space… you saved me a ton of headaches not to mention a pile of cash! I will be calling on the next house very soon. If I do I will fly down and back the same day.  I will keep you posted and I will guarantee you it will not have a crawl space!

Ken Baron – Tampa Bay Florida – 07-14-14

We negotiated a credit for the roof. I got him to take $8500 off the purchase price which brought the price down.  I wanted to thank you very much for your expertise.  You really helped me and my young family out and I hope that brings you a lot of satisfaction. Hope to be able to use your services in the years to come. Will pass on recommendations. Best wishes and God Bless!

Paul Martin – Martin Ceramic Arts – Tampa Florida – 03-29-14

If you get a chance, drop some business cards off for me.  I get asked all the time for a reputable home inspection company and I have been leery to recommend anyone.  I was impressed with your knowledge and passion for providing a quality job for your clients.  Every other home inspector that I have worked with has always given their clients a predetermined checklist that was very apparent that it had been just pencil whipped to justify their fees.  Your inspection was in-depth and looked at things from a much different perspective.  It was very easy to tell you had the best interest of your client in mind. 

Gregory Oswald – Construction Manager – Standard Pacific Homes – 10-17-13

Very Happy to have found a nice home for the family, and very appreciative of your efforts. While we certainly didn’t contemplate going through inspections with three different houses, it was a tremendous learning experience. I am so thankful that we found you! Thanks again for all your help. I’ll be sure to write something on Angie’s List .

Michelle Robinson – Clearwater Florida – 08-14-13

Thank You Chris, Again an excellent job on both reports. This place looks like a much more costly nightmare than Nephi Pl apts.

Jon A. Galane CISP – St. Petersburg Florida – 07-14-13

First, thank you so much for your recent thorough inspection of this property. The vendor was totally unaware of many of the issues you highlighted. Especially the roof clips even though 3 recent inspections had taken place.  The roofing contractor thought since he re-nailed all the plywood the clips would not be necessary. After checking with the city building department however, they were informed that they do indeed need to add the clips. This has allowed us to renegotiate the price offered.  I have already added a review to zillow for your company, which should be published shortly.  If you would like any more reviews/testimonials please let me know, and i will be more than happy to provide them.

Ken Jackson – Dunedin Florida – 05-21-13

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